Financial and Volunteer contributions:

  • KIDS AT CHRISTMAS- The North Club Signature Project for more than 50 years
  • Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital / Partnering with “WE Do CARE”
  • Girls Choral Academy
  • Palmer Elementary School
  • Catherine’s Health Center
  • St Alphonsus North East Pole Toy Store
  • Salvation Army Christmas bell ringing
  • North End Community Ministry (NECM) Food Pantry
  • Noorthoek Academy
  • New Development Corporation-housing rehabilitation
  • Terrific Kids awards program at Grand Rapids Grandville grade schools:
    • East Leonard
    • Coit
    • Aberdeen
    • Palmer
    • Cummings
  • St Alphonsus Supper House (NECM)
  • Creston Neighborhood Association
  • Mary Freebed Hospital (Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation)