Kiwanis Club of Grand Rapids
Application for Membership

Thank you for your interest in joining our club.

Individual – this membership type is eligible for all benefits of the club including voting at elections, attendance at the luncheon meeting each Tuesday and serving in a leadership position within the club. It is assigned to a single individual and cannot be transferred to another person for use within the club. This membership does transfer with the individual should they want to transfer to another Kiwanis club, assuming the membership is in good standing.
Corporate – this membership type is eligible for all club benefits as outlined in the Individual Membership category, however the membership is held by a corporation, business or organization. A primary member is assigned the voting privileges, however, another individual from within the organization may attend the weekly meetings in place of the primary member. The corporate membership stays within the Kiwanis Club of Grand Rapids and may not be transferred to another club.
Honorary – this membership category has limited club benefits in that the individual may not vote or hold leadership positions within the club.  

1) Application Form – is filled out by the prospective new member and given to the club Secretary.  You can fill out an application by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. You can email the application to our secretary at [email protected] or bring it to one of our meetings.
2) Board of Directors Approval – At the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors the application will be considered and voted on.
3) New Member Introduction – The approved candidate is contacted by the Secretary and will be introduced to the membership (by the sponsor or a board member) at the first luncheon he or she attends.

1) New member enrollment fee amount: Graduated quarterly from $200 to $50 with the club covering any difference in cost between the amount charged and the actual cost.
2) Annual dues amount: $200
3) Meals $20 per week. 

If you have any questions regarding your proposal or about our Club, please contact:
Membership Chair, Pat Newcombe at [email protected]m or
Secretary, Linda Paige at [email protected]

Grand Rapids Kiwanis new member application
Kiwanis Cub of Grand Rapids bylaw